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Broadband Action Team (BAT)

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Do you have adequate internet access?

There is up to $900 Million at stake!

Despite the federal broadband maps, we know many Washingtonians don’t have good —or even any — internet. The state needs your help to correct the FCC Maps and position our community for upcoming grant opportunities by January 13, 2023. For more information, visit the Washington State Broadband Office website:

Here’s how you can help.
  1. Go to broadbandmap.fcc.govon your desktop or mobile device or scan the QR code on your cell phone before January 13.
  2. Enter your home or business address. You will have to zoom in to see your building outline. Click to see a list of providers.
  3. If your building does not have a green dot, click it for a “CHALLENGE LOCATION” and complete the popup form.
  4. If the providers or their services listed are incorrect, select “AVAILABILITY CHALLENGE” and complete the popup form. If you click on the blue arrow to the left of your providers it will expand to list the common name of the provider.
  5. If you are concerned about privacy, you can still help and participate by using the WSU Information Collection Form

Thank you all for helping to verify these important maps!

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