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4-H Educational Posters

An educational display stimulates thought, teaches facts, or shows a process. Often posters have less than 60 seconds to get their message across, so planning is important!

What is a super poster?

  • Grabs Your Attention. Visuals should be interesting, colorful, and creative. Their appearance should draw you to read them.
  • Have a Border. A border will “lift” your visual off a drab wall. Creative borders can create the illusion of movement. Borders can be actual lines or open margins. Your poster should have at least a one inch border on all sides.
  • Have Consistent Lettering. Select a lettering style that is easy to read (must be able to read at least 10 feet away). Don’t use more than three different styles or it will look cluttered. Height should be consistent within a word (unless for a special effect).
  • Have a Third Dimension. Gimmicks are the most effective way to attract the reader. Try to create the illusion of the poster jumping towards you.
  • Include Essential Information. Keep basic information direct and to the point. A reader should be able to get all the information as they walk past.
  • Pay Attention to Detail. Check and double check spelling. Erase any pencil lines you’ve used as guides. Keep your poster clean and neat.


Educational Posters are a”hands-on” learning tool to help 4-H’ers develop skills in presenting a main idea accurately and effectively to an audience. Youth learn design elements, develop creativity, and present new and familiar ideas about their 4-H projects doing educational posters.

Stevens County 4-H members are required to have an educational poster at the NE WA Fair. Check the fair book for specific department requirements.

How will your
poster be judged?
Educational Poster Scoresheet