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Plant Pests & Diseases

Program Contact: Linda Teller, Extension Coordinator
(509) 684-2588 •

How to Submit a Sample

WSU Stevens County Extension accepts samples for identification and diagnosis of plant and insect related problems. We provide diagnosis for home and backyard horticulture problems.

Please submit your sample with the appropriate form.


Diagnosis for home and backyard horticulture problems will be referred to WSU Master Gardener volunteers. Bring your samples to the Master Gardener Plant Clinic held Tuesday at the WSU Stevens County Extension office from 2:30-4:30pm. If you are not able to bring your sample during clinic hours you can leave your sample at the WSU Stevens County Extension office and samples will be analyzed at the next Master Gardener Plant Clinic.

For more information contact WSU Stevens County Extension at 509.684.2588.

Dog vomit slime mold – fuligo septica

Inspiring the movie The Blob, slime molds can be quite fascinating if not a little bit revolting. They are a "fungus-like organism" that thrives in a wet damp environment. There is over 900 species of…

Fire Blight

Fire Blight – the fire danger you didn’t know about Fire blight effects pear and apple trees and the cause has nothing to do with fire. The infection is actually caused by a bacteria which…

Thermopsis rhombifolia Nutt. ex Richards

This sample was brought into us out of curiosity. A very large patch is growing in a field where cattle will be turned out. The plant is known as Thermopsis rhombifolia and is from the pea…

Tent Caterpillar

There are two species of tent caterpillars that can be found in Washington. The western tent caterpillar is most commonly found in western Washington. It attacks a wide range of hosts including apple, peach, plum,…

Leaf Miner

This sample was brought in off of an Aspen tree. Leaf miners devour between the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves. Leaves are still able to perform photosynthesis despite being damaged.  Leafminers are usually…