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Program Contact: Linda Teller, Extension Coordinator
(509) 684-2588 •

Master Gardener Class

The Master Gardener program is now accepting applications for the 2023 season. If you are interested in more information about the program follow this link.

Master Gardener 2023 Class application.

Master Gardener Answer/Plant Clinic

If you have a sample you would like a Master Gardener to review please print out the appropriate form and bring it with your sample. Our weekly plant clinics are held in our office on Mondays, 9-11am, however dropped off samples can be analyzed when a Master Gardener is available .

Each sample dropped off will need to have the appropriate form filled out

Lawn or Turf Problem Diagnosis-Client Form 

Use this form for any lawn/grass/turf issues you may have.

Ornamental Plant Problem Diagnosis-Client Form 

Use this form for any Ornamental plants or garden issues you may have.

Insect (Page 1) or Plant/Weed (Page 2) ID-Client Form 

Use this form for any insect you have found and want identified.