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County Director: Hansen, Debra

986 South Main Ste D (mailing)
986 South Main Ste D (street)
Colville, WA 99114
Phone: 509-684-2588

Hansen, Debra
County Director, Stevens County
(509) 684-2588

Rowley, Shannon
Extension Coordinator, SNAP ED, 4-H
(509) 684-2588

Kuber, Paul 
Regional Extension Specialist, NE Livestock
(509) 725-4171

Perleberg, Andy
Regional Extension Specialist, Forestry
(509) 630-4217

Hoogheem, Kathryn
Extension Coordinator, Agriculture
(509) 684-2588

Teller, Linda
Extension Coordinator, Master Gardeners
(509) 684-2588