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Plant What’s Best for Your Garden: Different Plants for Pacific Northwest Growing

Posted by | March 22, 2021


Published in: The Reflector • March 22, 2021

By Cameron Kast

Excerpt from the The Reflector article:

There aren’t many crops that don’t grow well in the Pacific Northwest.

Other than tropical plants that require loads of sunshine and hard-to-grow plants such as the sweet potato, Pacific Northwest gardeners can pretty much grow anything.

“There is very little that we can’t grow here without help,” Washington State University Master Gardener Rebekah Marten said. “We are very, very lucky that we live in an area where our climate allows us to grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables.”

Marten has volunteered with the Master Gardeners for about a decade and spends a few hours a week working at the answer clinic hosted by the organization. At the clinic, Marten answers questions from local gardeners by email, phone and in-person (during non-pandemic times). Marten said she has talked with many people who have moved to the area from other climates and are “wowed” by the amount of fruit- and vegetable-bearing plants that grow in the area. She  said both experienced “green thumbs” and new gardeners are able to grow the plants they want to eat.

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The the Washington State University Clark College extension office can be reached at 360-397-6060 ext. 5738, or by email: