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How to Meadowscape in Your Garden

Posted by | January 27, 2022


Published in: The Reflector • January 10, 2022

By Beth Goodnight

Excerpt from the The Reflector article:

Meadowscaping has been seen in residential and commercial landscaping for at least 20 years and though trends usually come and go, this is one I’d like to see stick around. Meadowscaping is a naturalistically-styled grouping of perennials (and sometimes annuals) consisting mostly of grasses and wildflowers arranged to more-or-less resemble a meadow. It can be sizable, like one would find out in nature, or simply a small area of one’s residential or commercial lot.

Besides being beautiful and restful to look at, meadow plantings provide habitat for insects, birds, and other critters. Meadows can be beneficial to the watershed by filtering stormwater run-off from one’s house and the surrounding hardscape. They can help conserve water, sequester carbon, and depending upon the plants used, they can be suitable for either wet or dry conditions, so meadows can be good for the environment and aesthetically pleasing as well.

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