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Common Stinging Wasps Around the Home: Management Options

Posted by | November 29, 2023


Would you like to know the difference between a wasp that might sting and those that are unable or unlikely to sting?  How about do-it-yourself wasp management options that help you reduce the risk of being stung while also minimizing impact on the environment?       

Attend this seminar to learn more about what you can do before you call a pest management professional or apply a pesticide.  We will go over the physical appearance and biological differences between common wasps around the home and yard, and effective methods for homeowners to reduce encounters with stinging wasps.   

Emphasis will be on integrated pest management for homeowners: non-chemical options to prevent and suppress common stinging wasps, and the judicious use of least-toxic chemical options as a last resort. 

This workshop is put in on collaboration with Clark County Public Works Green Neighbors Program.

About the presenter: Jennifer L. Snyder is an entomologist by training and profession. She has over 10 years professional experience working with schools, Native American groups, homeowners, and communities on pests in the built environment. Her past employment includes Cooperative Extension in Arizona and Oregon, the pest management industry, and non-profit organizations. Jennifer earned her Master’s in Entomology from Oregon State University. 

DATE/TIME: Saturday, April 20, 2024  from 3 to 4:45pm.

LOCATION: Three Creeks Library, 800 NE Tenney Rd, Vancouver, WA 98685

COST: Free

REGISTRATION: No registration necessary.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: (564) 397-5738 or
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