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4-H Clubs

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

No matter how small or large, a 4-H club is made up of young people and adults who come together to do hands-on projects, make friends, discover hidden talents, learn new skills and – of course – have fun! A 4-H club can be as small as two people, with one youth member and one adult leader. These are usually “family clubs.” The largest club in Clark County has nearly 40 members, including members ages 9-19. In addition to the general club leader, larger clubs usually have additional adult 4-H leaders to help with the activities; they are called “project leaders.” While many clubs are organized around a single project area (for example, cats), other clubs have members who are working on a wide variety of projects (for example, baking, woodworking, and sewing). Some clubs meet once a week, while others meet once a month, depending upon the club members’ schedules, the nature of their projects, and the time of year (most clubs meet more often as fair time approaches). Since 4-H is a great family activity, parents of members often attend meetings and participate in activities.

Typical Club Structures & Activities

4-H club members usually elect a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. These youth officers help to guide the club towards its goals, which the club sets at the beginning of each year. A typical club meeting usually includes time for business, project learning, and socializing. In addition to joining together around project-related activities, clubs often organize fundraising events to help finance the activities that help them reach their goals. Most clubs also select and take part in community service projects.

Let Us Help!

To find a club that fits your interests and schedule, contact us at or call (564)397- 5730. We look forward to helping you find a club, or maybe helping you start a new one!

Want to become a 4-H Leader? Learn more here.

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