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Related Resources

ChooseMyPlate. This is the official website for ChooseMyPlate. You can explore what you need for a healthy diet. There are also games and interactive things for children.

CDC – Fruits and Vegetables. Visit this colorful site maintained by the Center for Disease Control. This is the home of the Fruit and Vegetable of the month feature. Check out the fruit and vegetable for this month.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010. The government just updated the Dietary Guidelines. The new My Pyramid reflects those guidelines. This is good information for all to understand.

Fight BAC. We emphasize safe food handling in all of our classes. The Fight BAC site is very colorful and the information is easy to incorporate into your life.

Aim for a Healthy Weight. This obesity initiative of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute is a wonderful source of information on Body Mass Index and Portion Distortion. Check it out and take the Portion Distortion Quiz!

We Can! A resource for parents who want to help prevent obesity in their children.

Meals Matter: California Dairy Council. Meals Matter is a delightful website developed by the California Dairy Council. This link will take you to the Cooking for Your Family Page that contains activities for you and your children. Try the Food Pyramid Match Game, learn more about breakfast and the nutritional facts about your favorite pizza.

Go, Slow, Whoa! A Kid’s Guide to Eating Right. The Kids Health site is full of resources for kids. This page can help kids learn about foods they can eat anytime, foods they should keep on their sometimes list and foods they should eat only once in awhile.

Kids Health for Parents. Nutrition and Fitness: Kids Health for Parents is a terrific resource for helping parents with a variety of health issues. This particular section of the website is dedicated to helping parents encourage their child in eating well and exercising to stay fit.

The following web-sites will provide reliable information: