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Black Walnut

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Black Walnut HT1

Black Walnut Tree (entire tree)

Tree Statistics
Common Name: Black Walnut
Botanical Name: Juglans nigra
Trunk DBH (diameter at breast height: 107 inches
Height: 97 feet
Spread: 110 feet
Latitude: 45.682748
Longitude: -122.766838
Heritage Tree ID: HT1

Tree Location
Frenchman’s Bar Regional Park
9612 NW Lower River Rd., Vancouver, WA 98660
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About the Species
The Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) is native to eastern North America.  This species is often planted for both lumber and food. Black walnut wood is highly prized for its dark-colored, straight grained, true heartwood and is among the most durable hardwoods in the U.S. The nutmeats provide a distinctive natural flavor and crunch as a food ingredient.

This Tree’s History
This heritage tree is located in Frenchman’s Bar Regional Park, a 120-acre Clark County park dedicated in 1997. “Frenchman’s Bar” was named after Paul Haury, a Frenchman who bound out to engage in fur trading in Alaska. Fleeing intolerable conditions, Paul jumped ship and made his way to Astoria to work in the salmon canneries. Wanting to increase his wealth above that of a low-paid cannery worker, he searched the Washington shoreline of the Columbia River for an ideal fish netting location and in 1915 he purchased land five miles downstream from Fort Vancouver.” [Source: information sign located at Frenchman’s Bar Park, visited 2006]

Black Walnut Tree (detail showing multiple trunks)

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