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Our Favorite Websites

Funding Partner

Clark County Clean Water Program

Other Partners

City of Vancouver Water Resources Education Center
Columbia Springs Environmental Education Center
Clark Conservation District
Friends of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge
Clark Public Utilities
The Xerces Society
Columbia Land Trust
Friends of Trees
Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership
Washington State Department of Ecology
Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife
Lower Columbia Fish Enhancement Group

Want more information on improving your watershed?

Google Maps. Locations of onsite stormwater control in Clark County. Search for “Permeable pavement locations in Clark County, WA”

Rain Garden Handbook for Pacific Northwest. The source for everything rain garden in our area.

Texas Manual on Rainwater Harvesting. More information than you’d want to know about rain harvesting. Remember we have different rain in the NW, so you must alter calculations.

Rainwater Collection. WA Department of Ecology’s rules and information on rain water harvesting in the Pacific Northwest.

The Water Conservation Guide

Water Conservation Tips

Information on Permeable Pavements

Low Impact Development Center. A program of the US Environmental Protection Agency. This focus is on the costs of permeable pavers.

Toolbase Services. Research from the National Association of Home Builders with funding from HUD.

Paver Search. Commercial site. Information on many different pavers products, how to hire a contractor and many pictures of examples.

Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute.

Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements. A collaboration of the ICPI and North Carolina State University. Information, fact sheets and PowerPoint presentations on permeable pavers for schools, developers, and design professionals.

University of Rhode Island Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials. Helpful PowerPoint and publications explaining different types of permeable pavers.

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