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Oregon White Oak – Garry Oak

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Oregon White Oak — Garry Oak  HT8

Finch Tree

Tree Statistics
Common Name: Oregon White Oak – Garry Oak
Botanical Name: Quercus garryana
Trunk DBH (diameter at breast height: 4.49 feet
Height: 96 feet
Spread: 100.5 feet
Heritage Tree ID: HT8

Tree Location
Neighborhood: Home of White Oak Alpacas
Randy Finch
39908 NE 12th Avenue
Woodland, WA 98674
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About The Species

Oregon white oak, a member of the beech family (Fagaceae), is one of only four deciduous oaks native to the West Coast. The massive, branching trunks and broad crowns of old white oaks are characteristic features of valley woodlands in the Pacific Northwest. You will find them growing from Vancouver Island, British Columbia to Southern California. Garry oak is the only native oak in Washington and British Columbia, and the principle native oak of Oregon.

Tree History

This tree is the namesake of White Oak Alpacas an agricultural enterprise since 1999.  It is located on 30 acres where it stands out as a majestic example of its species.  it is cherished and well-managed by its owners who have protected it from grazing. Over the years, there have been rope swings hanging from its massive branches where children would while away the hours swinging from its limbs.  Some measures have been put in place to maintain the integrity of the largest branches and help to support some of the weight.

Finch tree without leaves

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