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4-H Enrollment, Club Resources & Forms

Program Contact: Tracie Hanson, 4-H Program Coordinator
(360) 482-2934 •

4-H Enrollment and Re-Enrollment Information

The 4-H year begins in October with enrollment open to new 4-H families throughout the year. Returning youth members and adult volunteers must update their information annually at the beginning of the 4-H year in October. To complete the enrollment process visit 4-H Online at

For assistance with the online enrollment process please refer to the helpful Enrollment Help Guides and videos available at

During the enrollment process you will have the option to pay the $25 member enrollment fee using your debit/credit card or you may choose to pay by check. If you select pay by card, please make sure that the system has an opportunity to refresh, so that the card payment method is selected.  If you select pay by check you must remit your check made payable to “WSU” to WSU Grays Harbor County Extension, PO Box 3018, Elma, WA 98541. Please note that if paying by check your enrollment status will remain pending until payment is received. Once payment is received your enrollment status will be approved.

If you have difficulty with the online enrollment process or have any questions regarding the payment process please contact Tracie at (360)482-2934 or

Adults who would like to enroll as a new volunteer must also complete the forms and steps as outlined in the Volunteer Application Packet on the Become a 4-H Volunteer page at

*** Extra information for Enrollment After GH 4-H Fair Eligibility Deadline – April 1st


There is an annual Washington State 4-H youth member enrollment fee of $25. Financial assistance is available upon request – no child will be denied access to our programs due to the inability to pay.  To apply, complete the Financial Assistance Form.  Learn more about 4-H Enrollment Fee FAQ here.

New 4-H Year Club Resources:

Complete Club Leader Packet – Available at Club Kickoffs
Club Charter Documentation – Available at Club Kickoffs
WA 4-H Club Annual Financial Summary (WSU Publication C1130)
American Income Life – New Address
Outline of Tax ID and Financial Processes

4-H Club Resources:

4-H Club Planning Book
Welcome to 4-H
4-H Officer’s Handbook
How You Can Help Your Child in 4-H
Club Volunteer Handbook

Club Handbook – President
Club Handbook – Vice President
Club Handbook – Treasurer
Club Handbook – Secretary
Club Handbook – Reporter

Washington State 4-H Publications Website:

4-H Record Book Materials
> WSU Publications C0932 & C0933 (Permanent) for Level 1
> WSU Publications C0934 & C0935 (Permanent) for Level 2
WSU Publications by Category, Including 4-H
4-H Project Information & Materials

Year End Completion & Awards:

GH 4-H Awards Guideline – Revisions underway
4-H Member & Volunteer Award Nomination Form – (Due Sept 15)
4-H Year Pin Request Form –  (Due Sept 15)
Record Books (Due Sept 15)
Grays Harbor Record Book Scoresheet
(for Level 1 documents, WSU Publications C0932 & C0933)
Grays Harbor Record Book Scoresheet
(for Level 2 documents, WSU Publications C0934 & C0935)
Tips for Keeping Your 4-H Record Book

True Leaders in Service:

Fact Sheet – Implementing Effective Community Service Projects
Planning Guide – 2019 True Leaders In Service
4-H Volunteer Role Description – Club Community Service Project Coordinator
Sample Risk Management Checklist

4-H Council Public Presentation Event

2022 Public Presentation Registration Form (Registration due May 13)

In 4-H, idea sharing in a structured way is called a public presentation.
4-H members are encouraged to give public presentations as part of their total 4-H experience.

General Forms:

Care to Share Form
GH 4-H Council Committee Sign-Up Form
Social Media Guideline
Facebook Guideline
Approval Request for use of Social Media

Window Display Event to Promote 4-H

Sign-up Form (Register by October 28)
Evaluation Criteria