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Family Living Programs

Grays Harbor County Extension offers a variety of Family Living programs including:

  • Food Safety: Education and outreach to help people improve food safety from farm to table. We provide food preservation information and check pressure canner gauges by appointment. See more information at Food Safety and Preservation.
  • youth at nutriion eventSNAP-Ed Nutrition Education for youth and adults with limited resources who are eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). For more information see the Snap-Ed Program.
  • Information about <The Grays Harbor Food Access Network (GH FAN) Helping to provide access to food in Grays Harbor County See more in Grays Harbor Food Access Network.

Cooking with Beans

Would you like to cut back on meat in your meals? Download Cooking with Beans, a PDF publication with tips for using dry beans, quantities to soak and cook.

Managing Personal Finances in Uncertain Times

During these challenging economic times, it is important to have fact-based information about financial management. The national eXtension network provides critical resources to help you manage credit, save for children’s education, plan for retirement, and deal with emerging crises such as layoffs and health challenges. The Personal Finance programs are a free resource developed by leading experts from land grant universities across the county. All information is independent of the commercial finance industry.