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Cranberry Production

Program Contact: Kiley Smith Small Farms Educator
360-482-2934 •

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Washington ranks 5th in the nation in cranberry production. In 2002, the state’s growers harvested 168,000 100-pound barrels of cranberries. In more recent years, that number has varied from 176,000 in 2007 to 109,000 in 2008, and back to 155,000 in 2009.

WSU Extension continues to provide farmers and potential cranberry growers with technical assistance on cultural practices, insect, disease and weed control, as well as marketing new and existing agricultural crops. See more: Enhanced Pest Control.

As a result of local germplasm trials, many growers are transitioning to new, better adapted varieties and obtaining superlative yields. Several independent growers received Global Gap certification in 2014, allowing for a five-fold increase in their returns, which helped prevent the loss of their farms.

Additionally, research and Extension activities focus on management systems resulting in improved production with fewer pesticides and the application of pesticides with reduced risk. Pesticide training and re-certification credits are provided for cranberry farmers through the WSU Extension office.

For more information regarding cranberry production, contact Kim Patten in Pacific County at WSU Long Beach Research and Extension Unit.