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4-H Member Record Book

In Lincoln and Adams counties, you may use any style record book you like to fulfill your 4-H record keeping obligation! You can use the computer or hand-write on pre-printed Record Book pages. You can even create your own or incorporate portions created with software such as Excel, Quick Books or others!! The point is to keep records that reflect what you plan, do, learn, spend, and earn!

However, each Fair or County may require specific record book formats or have unique judging criteria. If you want to place well in competition, it is up to YOU to find out ahead of time what the expectations are for a specific Record Book entry.

To place well in Lincoln County or Wheat Land Communities Fair competition, your record book can be any style or format, but should include the elements listed on the appropriate Record Book Evaluation form below. And the Sections should be tabbed as described in Assemble Your 4-H Record Book. (Level 1 has slightly different sections – follow the order on the Evaluation form)

  • 4-H #42-A, (PDF) 4-H Record Book Evaluation – Level 2, Lincoln-Adams County, WA
  • 4-H #42-B, (PDF) 4-H Record Book Evaluation – Level 1, Lincoln-Adams County, WA
  • 4-H #42-P, (PDF) 4-H Record Book Comment Sheet – Primary, Lincoln-Adams County, WA

Lincoln County, WA 4-H Record Book Chair:

Jenny Kane 509-991-7717

Adams County, WA 4-H Record Book Chair:
Trish McRae  509-650-7341


Livestock Health Records

(Download the Health Record forms prior to purchasing animals and have seller/producer complete animal origin verification located in the right-hand box at top of page)