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Leaf Miner

Posted by asabins | June 28, 2016

This sample was brought in off of an Aspen tree. Leaf miners devour between the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves. Leaves are still able to perform photosynthesis despite being damaged.  Leafminers are usually host specific. Management options are removing infested leaves and destroying them. Natural predators are the green lacewing and spiders.

Leafminer: WSU hortsense handout

Western Tentiform Leafminer: attacks primarily apple and crabapples, sweet and tart cherries. It can attack pear trees but has been uncommon in Washington.

Lilac Leafminer: WSU hortsense handout

Leaf miner and Spindle Gall7 Leaf miner and Spindle Gall6 Leaf miner and Spindle Gall5 Leaf miner and Spindle Gall4

Aspen leaf with leafminer damage
Aspen leaf with leafminer damage
Aspen leaf with Leafminer damage
Aspen leaf with Leafminer damage