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Plants Toxic To Livestock

Program Contact: Kathryn Hoogheem, Agriculture Extension Coordinator
(509) 684-2588 •

Plants in our area which are toxic to livestock

Unfortunately, there are a number of plants in our area which are toxic to livestock and other domestic animals.  Some are deadly poisonous with just a small dose (such as Poison Hemlock) and others are a problem only when eaten at high volume (such as Pigweed).  Sometimes the conditions in which a plant is grown determines weather it is toxic or not (see Nitrate Levels in Forage). Sometimes toxic plants are easily identified in your pasture and sometimes they arrive in your hay and are difficult to identify.

The links below provide some good reference material on toxic plants common in our area

Selected Poisonous Plants of the Pacific Northwest – WSU Extension

Poisonous Plants Commonly Found In Pastures – Oregon State University Small Farms

Protect Your Horses and Livestock from Toxic Plants – WA State Noxious Weed Board

If you have questions about identifying plants in your pasture, or hay field, don’t hesitate to contact us here at WSU Stevens County Extension.