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Fallow To Farmed Workshop

This event was our first run at what will hopefully be an annual affair.  The goal was to provide hands-on training designed to teach the skills necessary for landowners to bring small acreages that have been sitting fallow back into production.
Program Contact: Nils Johnson, Extension Coordinator
(509) 684-2588 •

The spring cultivation, fertilizing and planting part of this workshop has already been completed.

Harvesting and fall cultivation is yet to be completed.

Ongoing Data and Results from the Event
WSU Stevens County Extension 2018 Fallow to Farmed Project Costs and Budget
Web Page:
Field Size (acres) 1.7 Link to Web Soil Survey Report
Soil Test Results Link to Soil Test Results PDF
Photos from the project Link to Google Photo Album
Fuel Price $3 per gal
Labor Rate $13 per hour
Equ. Wear & Tear $1.21 per hour
Total Per Acre
Total Cost including Labor  $340 $200
Total Cost not including Labor  $188 $110
Equipment Value
Tractor 1985 Ford FWD 1910 tractor, 28 HP $6,500
Plow International 2-bottom moldboard 3-pt w/ coulters $200
Disk Harrow 6′ wide, 3-pt type $500
Packer 8′ wide, single gang, pull type $900
Drag Harrow 2 sections of sharp-tooth type $70
Broadcaster Broadcast spreader, 3-pt type $300
Seed Drill International 10′ with grass attachment $1,000
Total   $9,470
Inputs Whole Field Per Acre Source
Fertilizer 200 lbs of 20-0-0-24, granulated, CHS brand $59 $35 Ken Fantasia Seed, Chewelah
Seed 200 lbs of Spring Triticale, Helena Chemical brand $84 $49 Ken Fantasia Seed, Chewelah
Fuel 10 gallons total of off-road diesel fuel $30 $18 SpokoFuel, Chewelah
Total   $173 $102
Labor Cost Date
Labor (Hrs) Whole Field Per Acre Whole Field Per Acre Completed
Obtain Inputs 1.00 0.59 $13 $7.65 5/6/2018
Move/Stage Equipment 1.00 0.59 $13 $7.65 5/7/2018
Equipment Spring Maintenance 2.00 1.18 $26 $15.29 5/7/2018
Plow (1 pass) 3.00 1.76 $39 $22.94 5/7/2018
Disk Harrow (2 passes) 2.00 1.18 $26 $15.29 5/7/2018
Empty Seed Drill (2 passes) 1.00 0.59 $13 $7.65 5/12/2018
Pack (1 pass) 0.25 0.15 $3 $1.91 5/12/2018
Fertilize (2 passes) 0.75 0.44 $10 $5.74 5/12/2018
Seed (2 passes) 0.50 0.29 $7 $3.82 5/12/2018
Pack (1 pass) 0.25 0.15 $3 $1.91 5/12/2018
Totals:  11.75 6.91 $153 $90
Wear & tear cost + maintenance, whole job $14.26


Original Event Description

This will be an informal hands-on event on my own place with my own equipment and inputs.  To get the job done, it’ll probably take a whole day pretty much by the time we fiddle with all the equipment involved and talk about everything that needs to be talked about.  We’ll include equipment maintenance and safety at each step.  We’ll use the following equipment:

  • 1985 Ford FWD 1910 tractor, 28 HP
  • 2-Bottom moldboard plow
  • 3-pt Disk harrow
  • Drag Harrow
  • 3-pt shovel type cultivator (if needed)
  • 3-pt broadcast fertilizer
  • Packer
  • Older wheel-type seed drill


Event Details
When: Monday, May 7th, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Where: Sweet Meadows Ranch, 3069 Red Marble Rd, Chewelah WA
Cost: Free, but space is limited so please call or email to register

Date:  Monday, 5-7-18

Time:    8:30 AM until done or everyone has to leave

Location: Sweet Meadows Ranch, 3069 Red Marble Rd, Chewelah, WA 99109

Google Maps Route To Sweet Meadows Ranch



What to Bring: 

  • Weather-Appropriate Clothing

Bring clothing appropriate for the weather, including a hat if you need  one.  Keep in mind that we’ll be operating farm equipment so loose floppy clothing is a bad idea.

  • A bag lunch for yourself
  • A lawn chair
  • A notebook of some kind and a writing implement in case you want to take any notes
  • A dust mask if you are sensitive to breathing dust or pulverized plant matter
  • Gloves if you’re skin is sensitive to dust or pulverized plant matter


What I’ll Provide:

  • A Farmers Market style canopy for us to stand or sit under for shade or other weather protection
  • All the farm stuff
  • Ear plugs

Contact: Nils Johnson,, (509) 684-2588