Program Contact: M. Catalina Aragón, Associate in Research, Pierce County EFNEP Supervisor
(253) 798-3252 • c.aragon@wsu.edu

What is EFNEP?

The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) is a nutrition education program provided by Washington State University Pierce County Extension. EFNEP delivers nutrition education to low-income parents in four core areas: diet quality and physical activity, food resource management, food safety, and food security.

What does EFNEP provide?

      • A 9 to 12 lesson, interactive, cost-free, research-based nutrition curriculum.
      • Adaptable material to meet each participant’s needs
      • Lessons delivered in different languages including: Spanish, Cambodian (Khmer), Chinese (Mandarin), and English.

Eating Smart – Being Active

We use the Eating Smart-Being Active curriculum from Colorado State University. Our Washington State EFNEP page has more information about adult programming and recipes we use in the classroom.

EFNEP Participants learn how to…
    • Read food labels
    • Save money on groceries
    • Make healthy food choices
    • Be more active
    • Practice cooking skills
    • Hands-on learning allows participants to create healthy recipes and learn the essentials of food safety.

Community Partners

Some of our community partners include WIC agencies, Head Start and ECEAPs Centers, Community Centers, affordable  housing, shelters,  faith-based communities and public libraries.


Meet Our Staff

We have a diverse group of Educators in Pierce EFNEP. You can learn more about them and the communities they work with on the EFNEP Staff page.

Interested in EFNEP?

Please contact M. Catalina Aragón, MS, CN for program availability.
(253) 798-3252