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Year-End Awards

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Awards – Leaders Nominate Members

Print:  ENTRY FORM for SPONSORED AWARDS and the awards form(s) below.  NO LIMIT

Awards – Leaders Nominate Members/Members May Apply

Explanation of Project Recognition Awards

ENTRY FORM for PROJECT RECOGNITION Use this form and select up to four awards from the list on the entry form.

Nomination statement for PROJECT RECOGNITION Print a nomination statement form for each award listed in the top section of the entry form for project recognition.

Animal Science Engineering & Technology Family Living & Clothing
Beef Bicycle Clothing
Cat Computer Technology Family Life
Cavy Engines-Tractors Fashion Revue
Dog Geospatial Needlecraft
Goat Models
Horse Robotics Food & Nutrition
Llama Rocketry Food
Poulstry Woodworking
Rabbit Plant Sciences
Sheep Expressive Arts Entomology & Bees
Swine Hobbies Gardening & Horticulture
Fine Arts Plant Science
Shooting Sports Leather Crafts Environmental Stewardship
Archery Forestry
Rifle Photography Geology
Photography Outdoor Education & Recreation


Awards – Clubs Apply

4-H Tracy Sue Parker Memorial Award:  Club member fills this out for club leader to submit.  Also print the ENTRY FORM and INSTRUCTIONS for SPONSORED AWARDS to include with this award.

Superintendents Nominate Members

Superintendents may nominate more than one member for this award

Award Chosen by Award Judging Committee

William Greaves Most Outstanding 4-H Member Award – Individuals do not make nominations for this award.