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Youth Members

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In Kitsap County 4-H we highly encourage all members to complete or participate in what we consider the building blocks of the 4-H program:

  • Record Books.
  • Educational Displays.
  • Public Presentations.
  • Community Service.
  • All animal projects are required to complete these.
  • Clubs may require them of all members as well. Check with your club leader.
  • * These are also REQUIRED in order to receive a premium check from the Fair.

Record Books

Completing a 4-H Record Book is a process where you record project and club work using a standard format. The benefits of completing a 4-H Record Book are:

  • Remember all the fun you’ve had this year!
  • Record keeping and following directions is an essential life skill – tracking your own activities, events, pro-ject profits and losses will prepare you for many other records you will manage in life.
  • Allows for reflections on skills you learned, the goals you set and the strategies used to meet those goals
  • Makes you eligible for recognition

Record Book Forms

Educational Display

An Educational Display is an opportunity for 4-H members to convey a message to an intended audience. The amount of time and planning you put into your display will be reflected in the finished product.

Educational Displays

Public Presentations

The Public Presentation Program is one of 4-H’s most beneficial and rewarding experiences. It is the one most often credited by 4-H alumni as having given them an edge above peers in both college and professional careers. It provides a unique opportunity to develop a positive self-concept and poise, gain self-confidence before a group, learn to express ideas clearly, respond spontaneously to questions, and gain subject matter knowledge. Youth learn to express themselves and their ideas.

Public Presentations

Community Service

“I pledge…my hands to larger service…for my club, my community, my country and my world.” For more than 70 years Community Service has been an important part of 4-H.  Community Service Learning is a form of experiential learning in which youth apply the subject matter they are learning along with critical thinking skills to address genuine community needs.

Community Service