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4-H Adult Volunteers

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Volunteer Opportunities

Whatever you have to offer, we have a place for you. Our volunteer opportunities range from a one-time experience to an on-going relationship between you and 4-H. These opportunities are available at the club, county, or 4-H administrative level. We match your skill and preferred interests with our needs. For example, you may wish to help out in the 4-H office with administrative tasks. Others may lean towards participating at county events for one or more days throughout the year. There are also on-going opportunities to lead a group of young people in an interest area or in the club setting. Your skills and talents are very much needed to assist our young people as they grow and develop.

As a 4-H volunteer, you will become affiliated with our state’s land grant university, Washington State University. You instantly have the resources of WSU Extension at your fingertips. Additionally, you enjoy the benefit of WSU liability coverage and L & I coverage should you be injured while volunteering.

Club Level Volunteer Opportunities

General Club Leader: Assume primary responsibility for the Club.

Project Leader: Lead a specific project or curriculum within a Club, example someone who leads monthly dog project meetings.

Activity Leader: Provide leadership for an event or activity within a Club or on a short term, example someone who leads for a specialty event, a horse judge who comes out and discusses what we be looked for during a competition.

Resource Leader: Serves as a source of expertise/adviser for a Club, example a professional photographer who gives a 1 day photography workshop.

How to become a 4-H Volunteer

  1. Fill out the volunteer interest form
  2. Complete an in person or on the phone interview with a WSU 4-H Staff
  3. Create a profile on 4hOnline
  4. Complete and pass a national criminal background check
  5. Complete all in person and online training requirements

If you are interested in volunteering with 4-H there are numerous ways to get involved.

  • If you would like to volunteer with a specific Club, contact that Club leader and they will let you know the best ways to help their Club.
  • If you are open to participating with any Club that needs adult support contact the 4-H Office and we will put you in touch with specific clubs based on your location, interest and availability.

Online Volunteer E-Learning Modules

This training includes four interactive, self-paced training modules, complete with review: “About 4-H,” “Positive Youth Development,” “Getting Started in 4-H,” and “Leadership and Teaching.”

These training’s are intended for potential volunteers, as well as current or past volunteers wanting a refresher.

Sign in with your name and state. The password is “volunteer”

Volunteer E-Learning Modules

Put the Child First

WSU Extension remains committed in its efforts to prevent the abuse and exploitation of children and vulnerable adults. In our continuing efforts to assure a safe environment for all program participants, Washington State University Extension is requiring child protection training for all faculty, staff and volunteers working with youth and vulnerable adults.

This 20-minute presentation may be viewed at any time at your home or Extension office. Your registration for the training will be kept in the system as proof of your participation.

We appreciate your compliance with this requirement. For more information, contact your local 4-H faculty or staff.

To register for the training, visit Fill in the requested information and press “Submit Request”

You will receive an email with your password and instructions on how to access the course, or you can visit and login directly.

Put the Child First

Log Volunteer Hours

We report all volunteer hours at the county, state and national level.

In order to get an accurate representation of the amazing work our volunteers are doing we need you to log your volunteer hours.

Volunteer hours include: time spent at 4-H events, planning 4-H events, recruiting for 4-H, receiving donations, doing community service 4-H events, basically anything that involves 4-H.

Click here to log your volunteer hours.

In Person Training

All new volunteers and Club Leaders are also required to attend a volunteer refresher course with WSU 4-H staff every 3 years unless required by WSU.

These are hosted numerous times throughout the year.

Please contact 4-H Staff to find out when the next training will be.

Interested in volunteering?

Volunteer Interest Form

Volunteer Hours Reporting

Thank you for being a 4-H volunteer! Please report your hours ONLINE to WSU by clicking on the link below: