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Food Preservation and Food Safety

Program Contact: Paisley Gallagher, Food Access Program Coordinator
(360) 228-7302 •

At home food preservation can be a rewarding experience, but proper steps must be followed in order to ensure safety. It can be tempting to try that old recipe passed down through the generations, but we don’t recommend it! Many of those old recipes are no longer safe by today’s standards. It’s not worth taking the chance of making your family and friends sick!

You can trust that all of the resources listed on these pages are chock full with current research-based information, and every recipe has been lab tested to ensure its safety for your family.

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Pressure Canner Testing

A proper reading gauge is the first step to safe canning. We test gauges, check seals, and overall canner condition. We are a wealth of resources and want to make sure you have the best tools at hand. Food preservation is beautiful, fun, but most of all, needs to be safe to consume.

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Food storage, food safety, and food preservation

Food storage, food safety, and food preservation

Benton-Franklin counties

Due to increased demand Master Food Preserver (MFP) volunteers from Benton-Franklin counties are reaching out statewide to support consumers with food handling in the home. Anyone with questions related to consumer food storage, food safety or food preservation can contact the Master Food Preservers for advice by email at or phone at 509-735-3551.

Information is available on how to store, prepare or process foods that meet both quality and safety guidelines: