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Warning issued for Long Lake due to potentially toxic cyanobacteria

Public advised to avoid all contact with lake water due to health risks for people and animals.


Today the Kitsap Public Health District issued a cyanobacteria warning for Long Lake in South Kitsap. The public should to avoid all contact with water in Long Lake due to the presence of potentially toxic cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae.

There are many different types of cyanobacteria and not all blooms are toxic. The cyanobacteria present in Long Lake are known to produce toxins.

Because toxic cyanobacteria can make people sick, and can kill pets, fish, waterfowl and livestock, the public is advised to:

  • Avoid all contact with the lake water until further notice. This means no swimming, wading, or types of water play where water could be swallowed or get in the mouth, nose or eyes (especially in areas where blooms are concentrated).
  • Avoid ingesting lake or stream water. If a resident draws lake water for drinking purposes, they are encouraged to drink bottled water until further notice.
  • Limit access of pets and livestock to the lake.
  • Avoid eating fish caught during the algae bloom.
  • Rinse boats and trailers thoroughly before going to another lake.

No illnesses have been reported to Kitsap Public Health at this time. Advisory signs will be posted at public access areas around the lake. The Health District will continue to monitor for cyanobacteria and announce updates as conditions change.

– Posted here August 16, 2022

Kitsap County Commissioners proclaim Aug. 7 – 13 Kitsap County Farmers Market week

Kitsap County Commissioners have proclaimed August 7th – 13th as Kitsap County Farmers Market week, in conjunction with national farmers market week. The proclamation demonstrates just how much markets benefit communities and our local economy!

Please see the proclamation here.

Current Kitsap Farmers Markets:

(as of Summer, 2022)

More Kitsap Farmers Market Resources:

– Posted August 2, 2022

SNAP-Ed: P-EBT is Back!

Click here to learn more!

Here’s What You Need to Know:
Summer P-EBT for School Children
Students who were registered and enrolled in June 2022 in a Washington school that normally participates in the National School Lunch Program/School Breakfast Program and are eligible for free or reduced-priced meals will receive a one-time, lump-sum Summer P-EBT benefit of $391 ($7.10 daily meal reimbursement rate x 55 summer days). Newly eligible children will receive a new P-EBT card, and children who qualified for P-EBT will automatically be added to their existing P-EBT cards beginning August 2022. This includes students who graduated in June 2022. If your child doesn’t already receive free or reduced-price meals, contact your local school district to fill out a school meal application. Families must submit and be approved for Free and Reduced-Price Meal Applications by Aug. 31, 2022 to receive P-EBT benefits for the Summer P-EBT.

Summer P-EBT for Children under 6 
Children under age 6 who are part of a household active on Basic Food anytime in June, July or August 2022 will receive a one-time, lump-sum Summer P-EBT benefit of $391. Benefits will automatically go onto existing P-EBT cards beginning August 2022. Newly eligible children will be mailed a new P-EBT card.
Families who aren’t active on Basic Food assistance are encouraged to apply for food assistance by completing an application online at Washington Connection or calling the Customer Service Contact Center at 877-501-2233. Households newly approved for Basic Food will be automatically reviewed for P-EBT eligibility in September 2022.

Click here to learn more!

– Posted August 2, 2022

Farewell to Laura Rÿser

Laura RÿserWe would like to take a moment and give thanks to our Food Systems Faculty member and Director, Laura Rÿser. After eight years with WSU, she is moving on in an exciting new role with Pierce County Planning and Public Works Sustainable Resources Division. Laura has served as a WSU faculty member since 2014, and then with the additional duties of director for our Kitsap Extension office since 2016.

During her tenure with WSU, she has strengthened and created new community partnerships, implemented essential community programs, provided leadership to program staff, and encouraged collaboration within Extension programming. She worked early on in her post to bring farmers together to create the online farmers market Kitsap Fresh, providing a new innovate sales outlet for local producers. Additionally, she helped convene area farm mentors to create what is now known as the Kitsap Farm Mentor program, helping to grow the next generation of farmers here on the peninsula. She was a key partner with the Kitsap Public Health District and Kitsap Strong in bringing stakeholders together forming the Kitsap Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) Coalition.

To say that she will be missed is an understatement. She has given so much of her time and talents to our community and to our office. Though Laura will be leaving her post at WSU, she is not going far, and will remain in residence in Kitsap County. We are excited to see what the future holds for her in her new role. Laura you will be missed! Please join us in thanking her and wishing her all the best in these new adventures.

– Jess Sappington
Interim Director & Food Systems Program Coordinator, WSU Kitsap Extension


– Posted July 4, 2022


SNAP Market Match and Farm to Food Pantry

The SNAP Market Match Program DOUBLES the amount of EBT dollars you’ll be able to use on fresh veggies and fruits up to $40. Lots of chances to put delicious local vegetables in your basket!

Farm to Food Pantry farmers have been generously supplying fresh produce to local food banks, and you can also find them at your local farmers market.
Look for the Farm to Food Pantry booth sign and let our farmers know you love and appreciate the bounty of their fields.

Farmers participating in the 2022 Kitsap Farm to Food Pantry Program include:

  • Bainbridge Island Farm (Bainbridge FM)
  • Blackjack Valley Farm (Farmstand)
  • Butler Greens Farm, Bainbridge Island (Bainbridge FM)
  • Courter Country Farm, Poulsbo (Farmstand)
  • Fat Turnip Farm, Kingston (Farmstand)
  • Full Tilth Farm, Poulsbo (Poulsbo FM)
  • Leets Local Lettuce (Port Orchard FM)
  • Lovely Blueberries, Poulsbo (Farmstand)
  • Persephone Farm, Indianola (Bainbridge FM)
  • Pumphouse Farm (Poulsbo FM)
  • Roots Farm, Poulsbo (Bremerton FM)
  • Walker Meadow Farm, Poulsbo (Poulsbo FM)
  • Wintercreek Farm, Poulsbo (Poulsbo FM)

Learn more!

– Posted June 9, 2022


WSU Kitsap Beach Explorations

We are excited to share that the first WSU Kitsap Beach Exploration is scheduled, at Kingston Ferry Terminal beach (aka Saltair Beach Park) on May 17! It has been a couple years since we have been out on the beaches in-person, sharing, observing, and discovering the amazing intertidal life with the community. Come on out, say hi, and let’s see what we can find and learn about.

Click here for the full schedule

– Posted May 10, 2022

MGs at Bremerton Farmers Market

Come see us at the Bremerton Farmer’s Market every Thursday through August! We will also be teaching a class on the second Thursday of each month.

Learn More

– Posted May 3, 2022

Become a Habitat Steward Virtual Workshop

May 10th, 12th, 17th, and 19th
6:30–9 PM


The National Wildlife Federation is offering a specialized, multi-week online workshop (via Zoom!) to teach you how to create and restore wildlife habitat in backyards, schoolyards, andother areas in your community. You get to meet and learn from local conservation professionals and current NWF Habitat Stewards and other similarly interested folks while participating in this interactive, fun, and highly informative webinar!

Presented by the National Wildlife Federation in partnership with the Russell Family Foundation

– Posted April 22, 2022