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Become a Master Gardener

Program Contact: Horticulture Program
(360) 228-7306 •

What is Master Gardener Education?

In Kitsap County the Master Gardener Educational program is an annual course consisting of a combination of online study and live lectures held January through April.

There is a sign up list to apply to join the Kitsap County Master Gardener program. Applications are mailed around the middle of October each year. Approximately fifty students are selected after a mandatory orientation/interview process held in November. In 2023, the course will be taught in a hybrid format, with lectures on Zoom, and some in-person, hands-on training. Classes will be on Fridays, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, January through April, and include the WSU Master Gardener Online Training component (OLT). The fee will be $230 per student and includes all class materials. Scholarships and payment options are available upon request.

Master Gardener Certification

Master Gardeners in their first year of training must complete 50 volunteer hours to be certified in the program. These hours include specific shifts at an assigned clinic site, 2 shifts at the extension office clinic, 10 hours in a selected learning garden and the remaining hours in approved educational outreach and program support.

In their second year and beyond, certified Master Gardeners are required to complete 35 hours of volunteer time, including 3 clinic shifts and 10 hours of continuing education annually.

Master Gardeners are volunteer educators in their community. Those who are seeking education for employment or personal purposes only will want to apply for a Certificate in Horticulture Basics and pay a higher fee which is $75 for the online portion and $350 for the materials and course certificate.

How Do I Apply for Master Gardener Training?

sign-up list is kept at the Kitsap County Extension office for those interested in the Master Gardener Training class.

For more information about the Horticulture programs at Washington State University Kitsap County Extension, contact the Horticulture Coordinator — 360-228-7306.

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The Washington State University Extension Master Gardener Program is open to everyone with an interest in gardening and a willingness to use their knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to make a positive impact on their local community.

Program volunteers expand their gardening knowledge and serve communities throughout Kitsap County. We hope you will consider joining this premier WSU program.