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WSU Kitsap Master Gardener Learning Gardens

Program Contact: Horticulture Program
(360) 228-7306 •

WSU Kitsap Master Gardener Learning Gardens serve as a model for gardening techniques and various plants, both edible and ornamental, that are appropriate to our area. The learning gardens provide a special setting for educating Kitsap County residents about landscape management practices that reduce impacts on land and water resources and edible gardening techniques that are successful for growing nutritious produce at home.

Our learning gardens serve as an outdoor classroom promoting research-based organic gardening information. In addition, classes for adults and children at the gardens provide information on self-sufficiency, great tasting fruits and vegetables, environmental stewardship and healthy outdoor activities for families. In order to achieve our environmentally friendly goals, WSU Kitsap Master Gardeners emphasize:

  • Selection of plant material and crop varieties for our climate that are disease resistant and insect tolerant;
  • Proper planting techniques;
  • Integrated pest management (IPM) techniques and preventative plant health care;
  • Water conservation via drip lines, soaker hoses and careful hand watering based on measured rainfall and soil moisture levels;
  • Composting to conserve landfill space and turn garden waste into valuable organic matter;
  • The importance of enriching and protecting our soil;
  • Suppression of weeds via:  weed barrier materials, hand pulling, mulches.

WSU Kitsap demonstration gardens are maintained using only materials labeled for organic use; no synthetic fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides are used in an effort to have less impact on our land and water resources.

The gardens are lovingly planned and tended by trained WSU Kitsap Master Gardeners who assist the community with their horticulture questions. Click on the garden links to see the current schedule of when Master Gardeners are present at each of the learning gardens: Our volunteers can only provide information to home gardeners. Commercial farmers and businesses need to contact WSU Kitsap Extension office for help, 360-228-7306.


The WSU Kitsap Master Gardener Plant Diagnostic Clinics are made possible by the generous support of the Master Gardener Foundation of Kitsap County. To learn more or join, visit the Foundation’s website at