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Beach Naturalists

Kitsap Beach Naturalists
Beach Naturalists is for people who want to discover and explore our shorelines and the sea life that call them home. Nearly surrounded by water, the Kitsap Peninsula is an amazing and unique place to learn about the cool critters like sea stars, clams, and crabs, as well as the birds, seaweeds, and plants that live on our beaches. Sign up here to be notified of 2019 training dates.

This class is open to the public, is taught by local and regional experts, and covers topics such as:

  • Invertebrates and seaweeds
  • Birds and bugs
  • Shoreline conservation & restoration
  • Shoreline living
  • Salish Sea oceanography
  • Interpretative skills

After this training we will provide and connect you with opportunities to volunteer around Kitsap County. Beach Naturalist volunteer events include acting as a naturalist for community beach explorations and children’s field trips, conducting beach profiles, monitoring sea stars, and offering outreach at local events.

Here are some resources to get you started exploring Kitsap’s beaches:

Find the Kitsap Beach Watchers and Beach Naturalists on Facebook:


Teachers and Leaders: Request Beach Walk Volunteers Here

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Volunteers at Scenic Beach Walk
Hairy Shore Crab

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