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Kitsap Salmon Tours Videos

Program Contact: Water Stewardship Program Coordinator, Anna McClelland
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Featured Video:


BKAT Presents: Kitsap Salmon Tours (Bremerton-Kitsap Access Television) – Each fall the salmon come into local creeks to spawn. An annual event, hosted by WSU Extension Docents and Kitsap County’s Public Works Stormwater Division, answers children’s and adult’s questions. Chico, Dickerson and Seabeck Creeks are shown with salmon working their way upstream and spawning.


From Kitsap Regional Library:


Salmon Protectors: Salmon Ambassador Redd helps us figure out some good ideas for protecting our local salmon.


Clear Creek Trail: Kitsap Virtual Salmon Tours continue with Salmon Storytime!


Kitsap Salmon Report: Find out what our local salmon need to have a successful Salmon Season!

From Kitsap County:


Salmon Break Through a Beaver Dam: Time lapse camera video shows chum salmon at Chico Creek navigating a beaver dam.


Female salmon guarding her redd: Watch a female salmon guard her redd (nest).


Salmon and Their Amazing Sense of Smell: Each year, adult salmon return to where they were born to spawn.


Salmon resting in pools: It takes a lot of energy for salmon to swim upstream.


Kitsap Salmon Tours: Learn about the life cycle of salmon.


Salmon Spawning at Chico Creek: You can watch chum salmon make their journey upstream at Chico Salmon Park.

From Kitsap Water Stewardship:


Tales of the Sound, Episode 2: Secrets of the Salmon (Kitsap Sun) – Join Reporter Josh Farley for the latest episode of the Kitsap Sun’s “Tales of the Sound,” and learn why salmon are called a “keystone” species.


Kitsap Salmon Webinar Series: Video about climate threats, cultural, humans and economic aspects.


Kitsap Salmon Webinar Series – Water Quality and Salmon: Learn about what you can do to make a difference for the health of salmon in your community from the Kitsap Conservation District.


Kitsap Salmon Webinar Series – Intro to Salmon and their Life Cycle: Learn about salmon, their amazing migratory journey and their anatomy that helps them through their migration.


Salmon Tours 2020: Kitsap Salmon Tours has gone virtual this year!


Kitsap Salmon Tours – Fall 2019: Learn about the beneficial impact that beavers have had on salmon spawning in the Erlands Point area of Chico Creek.


Kitsap Salmon Tours: The annual Kitsap Salmon Tours event celebrates the return of chum and coho salmon to Kitsap county streams each year.