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State Advisory Board


The primary purposes of the State 4-H Advisory board are to:

1. Develop ideas for expanding, improving, and promoting 4-H youth and leaders educational programs throughout Washington
2. Advise the Associate Director for 4-H on matters of program policy and assist in implementation
3. Work with host counties to plan and conduct the State 4-H Forum
4. Promote a spirit of friendship and cooperation among 4-H members, leaders, and Extension staff statewide;]
5. Act in an advisory capacity to the State Ambassadors program
6. Enhance the financial base of the State 4-H program
7. Advocate for the 4-H Youth Development Program

Advisory Board Members – Updated 2015


Holly Haddenham, 2018 (Ferry) – Vice President
Susie Merritt, 2018 (Snohomish)
Jody Balcom, 2020 (Stevens)
Vacant – Teen
Vacant – Teen


Jessica Kramme, 2020 (Snohomish)
Jean Lindsey, 2018 (Snohomish) – President
Camas French, 2018 (Snohomish)
Serah Comstock, 2019 – Teen (Snohomish)
Jeremy Friend, 2019 – Teen (Pierce)


Erin Hightower, 2020 (Benton)
Katrina Fenimore, 2019 (Asotin)
Allen Smith, 2018 (Grant)
Natalie Kull, 2018 – Teen (Snohomish)
Vacant – Teen


Peggy Hirte-Uhlom, 2019 (Lewis)
Rachel George, 2018 (Kittitas)
Kevin Buyer, 2018 (Kitsap)
Abigail Hirte-Uhlorn – Teen (Lewis)
Vacant – Teen


Scott Vanderwey – Extension

Bruce Bradley – Fair Board Liaison
Chuck Todd
– Treasurer
Vicki Contini – Secretary
Tony Dell – 4-H Program Coordinator
Nancy Deringer – 4-H Program Associate Director
Doreen Hauser-Lindstrom – Youth and Families Program Unit Director

Washington State University Extension