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Positive Youth Development Series

Youth need more than knowledge to be successful and productive members of society. Youth also need social and emotional skills, such as communication, leadership, cooperation, trust, self-confidence, and decision making skills frequently referred to as emotional intelligence.


Look at what some of the participants are saying . . .

  • “This is a wonderful training that I will strongly recommend for those working with youth.”
  • “Thank you.  Your workshop helped to re-open ideas and skills and re-charge ideas in my program!”
  • “Thank you for bringing new light to concepts that started gathering dust in my brain.  I appreciate your enthusiasm for these topics.”
  • “This was a wonderful training where the audience was definitely engaged.”
  • “I love the idea that you opened my mind to life skill teaching.”

Each workshop lasts 3.5 hours, and includes a toolkit with materials to get you started.  The series of 3 classes costs $85.00. There is an option to take Positive Youth Development 101 and 102 for $60.00. It is recommended to take all three classes to receive the most benefit

Positive Youth Development 101 – Creating Learning Communities

This workshop is a pre-requisite for Positive Youth Development 102 or 103 workshops.

Current research shows youth require social and emotional skills to achieve success in groups.  After this training you will be able to do exciting activities that:

  • Build safe and supportive learning communities
  • Prepare youth for success by developing social and emotional skills
  • Create healthier relationships with peers and adults

Positive Youth Development 102 – Best Practices

Positive Youth Development 101 is required before attending this workshop.

Enhance your program with a greater knowledge of positive youth development:

  • Incorporate life skills into activities
  • Structure learning based on age and developmental stages
  • Engage learners in hands-on learning

Positive Youth Development 103 –  Tools to Teach Life Skills

Positive Youth Development 101 is required before attending this workshop.

Youth remember and use life skills more often when you talk about them in your program.  Learn research about life skills and practical ways to apply them.  Discover fun and engaging tools to teach youth and get them talking about life skills.  Soon they will be using them with their families, schools, and communities.