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Tag: vegetables

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Fermented Vegetables and Yogurt

Learn how to prepare refrigerated dill pickles, ... » More ...

Jams & Jellies

Learn all the different kinds of jellied products including jams and the different ways to thicken your product.  You will also learn ... » More…

“You Can!” Preserving Vegetables, Beans and Soups

Learn the basics of pressure canning, how to select a pressure canner and why it is used.  Learn the safe ... » More ...

Preserving Meat, Fish, Poultry and Making Jerky – 101 Food Preservation

Learn How to Grow Your Own Groceries –

-March 11, 2015-- The WSU Extension Master Gardener Program’s “Get Growing! Introduction to Vegetable Gardening” course will teach novice gardeners and absolute beginners everything they…
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