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Tag: canning

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“You Can!” Jams and Jellies

Learn all the different kinds of jellied products and the different ways to thicken your product, making low sugar jellied products, how to fix a…

“You Can!” – Canning Fruits, Sauces, and Pie Fillings

Learn the basics of preserving fruits and fruit mixtures. Discover how to can fruits with low sugar, and how to make sauces, and pie fillings. …

Preserving Meat, Fish, Poultry and Making Jerky – 101 Food Preservation

Learn the basics of pressure canning, drying and freezing meat fish and poultry. You will also learn the proper method of making jerky. How to…

Dehydrating Fruits and Vegetables – 101 Class

Learn the basics of dehydrating produce successfully and what is the best equipment to use for drying. Learn about pre-treatment methods, storage, proper containers and…
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