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Diabetes Prevention Program

Program Contact: Margaret Viebrock, County Director
(509) 745-8531 •

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This program is for people with prediabetes!

What is prediabetes?

Prediabetes is when you have higher blood sugar levels than normal, maybe enough to start doing damage to your body. Fortunately, it can often be reversed through weight loss, a healthier diet and an increase in activity. But if the blood sugar levels in your body become too high, it can develop into diabetes. Once that happens, it cannot be reversed.

Reversing Prediabetes is possible!

Here are some practical ways it can be done:

  • Lose weight. In many cases, losing just 10–15 pounds—especially belly fat—can make a huge difference and return blood glucose levels to a normal range. Just a 7% weight loss can reduce your risk of diabetes.
  • Exercise more. Relax – it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Thirty minutes of moderate activity most day of the week is enough. Even short walks are effective.
  • Stay away from unhealthy foods. Find comparative alternatives to high fat and sugary foods.
  • Live healthy. Make a fresh start by watching your diet, quitting smoking, being responsible with alcohol and getting plenty of sleep.

Are you at risk? 

Click HERE to take the Risk Quiz on the back of our flyer to find out.



Join a Diabetes Prevention Program near you and take advantage of proven, community-based classes to help you lose weight and reduce your risk.

Specially-trained coaches will work closely with you to achieve goals and get past roadblocks. And you won’t be alone – small group support will provide inspiration and motivation as you make lifestyle changes. Session topics range from Tipping the Calorie Balance to Four Ways to Healthy Eating Out and much more.


Classes currently being organized for both day and evening sessions.


Call us at (509) 745-8531 for more information or to register for a class!