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4-H Forms

Program Contact: Program Contact: Family & Human Development Extension Educator
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Learning from our 4-H Friends!

Educational Activities!  Check out these resources for at-home learning

Coug Family Fun Activities!

Goat Hoof Trimming

4-H Age Groups (as of October 1st of current 4-H year)  *They will be this age all year*

  • Cloverbud 5-7 years old
  • Junior 8-10 years old
  • Intermediate 11-13 years old
  • Senior 14-18 years old

Essential Website Resources (Shop 4-H, State 4-H website, trainings, etc.)

Recommended Attire for 4-H Activities

Fair NCW Fair

2022 NCW Fair Animal Registration Form  The registration pages are several pages into the exhibitor guide.

2021 NCW Fair Camping Registration Form

2022 Exhibitor Guide

Chelan County Fair

Barn Herdsmanship Guidelines


4-H Leader of the Year Nomination Form


Market Animal Affidavits (required for market animals)

Copy of current year Market Affidavit (Quality Assurance) form for Livestock Projects

(If you are raising a Market Beef, Sheep, Swine, or Goat you must complete a Market Health Form (Quality Assurance) for that animal and turn it in when you arrive at Fair. The forms are a means of tracking any medication or medicated feeds fed to market animals and the withdrawal dates for the medication or food. It also tracks the identification of the animal from producer to market. Raisers must track all of this information. Be sure you have your Market Health Form when you purchase your animal so you can get the animal I. D. information from the producer.)

Horse Project Information



Fundraising Forms

Demonstrations (Required)

Record Books (Required)

Record Book guidelines and policies specific for Chelan-Douglas Counties

For Juniors, Intermediates, and Seniors

Required Record Book forms

For Cloverbuds (ages 5-7);

Record Books for Cloverbuds are not judged and is meant to introduce them to the record book experience.  Leaders should determine which Record Book will meet the needs of their Cloverbuds.  Cloverbuds is the new term to use instead of Primary.  Cloverbuds includes ages 5-7.  The main difference between Cloverbuds and other ages groups is that Cloverbuds are not included in competitions and therefore their record books are not judged at County Level. Cloverbuds are encouraged to enjoy the record book experience while completing record books that are compatible to their age and maturity level.

Project Record Sheets (Optional)

4-H Awards and Scholarships and Club Leader Documents for Year End/Beginning

2023 Year End/Beginning Documents