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Leader FAQ’s

Program Contact: Program Contact: Family & Human Development Extension Educator
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Record Books

If members may only be nominated for 4 project awards, does that count record book and general achievement as part of the 4?
No, 4 total nominations per youth, no matter which four are chosen.  General achievement is not part of the 4 nominations, it is additional.

On the record book scoring sheet, line 4 says add sheets, can these be added to the diary/journal/financial summaries?
Yes, if more room is needed please add additional sheets to the necessary areas.  This is the form titles record book judging score sheet 2008 version.


Does the demo have to relate to my project or can it be on anything?
Yes, the member must present a demonstration in a project area they are enrolled in for that current 4-H year.

How long should my demo be?

In publication EM4787 the general rules are recommended:

  • Cloverbuds-Any length of time
  • Juniors-3-8 minutes
  • Intermediates-5-15 minutes
  • Seniors-8-20 minutes

How many demonstrations do I have to give every year?
Club members must give a demonstration at the club level.  Members are encouraged to present at demonstration at the County Demo Days (for awards), the county fairs, and state fair (if qualified).  The member must present on a project they are enrolled in for that 4-H year.