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Leaders Council

Program Contact: Michelle Lain, 4-H Programs & Seth Wendzel, Experiential Education Coordinator
(509) 667-6540 •;

County 4-H Leaders’ Council Officers and Committees


Douglas County Leaders’ Council
  • President: Julia Goodman
  • Vice President: Patti Cheek
  • Treasurer: Celia Cummings
  • Secretary: Polly Schneider
Bi-County Horse Council
  • President: Betsy Schweitzer
  • Vice President: Heidi Swoboda
  • Treasurer: Lori Beidler
  • Secretary: Linda Simon
  • Show Chairman: Lori Beidler


Chelan County Leaders Council
  • President: Ben Nickles
  • Vice President: Justin Pulliam
  • Treasurer: Katrina Bell-Lynch
  • Secretary: Linda Simon
County Committee Members:
  • Recognition and Incentive: Katrina Bell-Lynch
  • Program Promotion: Vacant
  • Demonstrations: Linda Simon, Katrina Bell-Lynch, Julia Goodman, Sharina Weber, Jason Bartlett, Lynda Mikelson
  • Fair: Heidi Swoboda, Linda Simon, Katrina Bell-Lynch
  • Expansion and Review: Vacant
  • Record Books: Debbie Fisch, Katrina Bell-Lynch, Linda Simon, Ben Nickles, Holly Lindsey, Celia Cummings
  • Scholarship: Linda Simon, Holly Berdan, Molly Nickles, Polly Schneider
  • Horse: Heidi Swoboda, Linda Simon
  • Herdsmanship: Polly Schneider, Sharina Weber, Julia Goodman, Celia Cummings, Patti Cheek

Volunteer Hours Reporting

Chelan County Leader’s Council

Douglas County Leaders Council

Bi-County Horse Council