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FISI Student Comments

Program Contact: Ray Faini, Extension Faculty

si calendarWhat Students have told us about their experience in

WSU’s Full Immersion Spanish Institute


The immersion format was exactly what I needed.

“Just want you to know that my Spanish Immersion Summer WSU college class has helped me in my position.

Sometimes when Spanish speaking parents come in and I do not have an interpreter….I will try to figure it out.  Sometimes saying just 1 word solves it.  For example, parents know enough English to come in and say their student’s name however, if I ask THEIR name….they do not know what I am asking.  But if I say 1 word such as “nombre” they know what I am asking. 

Or if I get a call from a parent and I ask “Is this Dad?”, again, they do not understand.  But if I say “papá” …………they know what I am asking.”

“This class exceeded my expectations.  I was reluctant to give up so much of my summer, but it has turned out to be a highlight of my summer.  The instructors made the program.  Thank you for making this program so helpful and enjoyable.”

“Outstanding, phenomenal, engaging, earnest, passionate.  Spending time in your class has made me a better teacher!  The Spanish was a bonus.”

“I’m often asked to speak with Spanish speaking parents who visit the school or call when no interpreter is available.  I’ve noticed that I’m doing that better this year, than in years past, after all the immersion I got last summer.”

“The WSU Spanish Immersion summer class definitely took me to the next level in terms of cultural knowledge and sensitivity and boosted my ability to think, process and speak more of the language.”

“The instructors created a comfortable atmosphere in the class that allowed us to learn and experiment with our newly acquired knowledge without fear of failure or ridicule.”

“I realize now that I don’t have to say things perfectly with the exact tense endings in order for me to get my point expressed or to reach across the cultural divide.”

“Participating in the Spanish Immersion course has helped me tremendously with my teaching. The obvious reason is the practice with the Spanish language which has made me more comfortable speaking with parents at conferences etc. But the far greater reason is the insight the course gave me into the lives of my Spanish speaking students and their families.”