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Frequently Asked Questions

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See the links on the right for details about how our program works.  Any questions not addressed here can be directed to Chelan-Douglas 4-H, or call 509-667-6540.


How can I find a 4-H Club for my son/daughter?
Clubs are organized around neighborhoods, towns, projects or interests.  If you don’t know of a club in your area, please contact the 4-H office to locate a club near you; be sure to tell us where you live and the type of club or project in which you are interested.  You may also want to consider starting a new club for your daughter or son and their friends, your neighbors, or others you know.

What do 4-H clubs do?
It is entirely up to 4-H members what their 4-H club does! 4-H clubs usually focus on one or more topics of the members’ choice. They conduct project related activities, for example, a gardening club may have a year round garden or a technology club may work on web design at meetings. 4-H clubs also do lots of community service both in their project area and where they are needed.

What are some of the activities available?
4-H activities include shooting sports to food preservation, and everything in between. The best way to find out exactly which 4-H activities are available to you is to contact Chelan/Douglas County WSU Extension at 509-667-6540 or

What are 4-H meetings for?
4-H meetings give your club members a chance to think and act together, to plan and do things together. Meetings let members learn from each other.
You couldn’t very well learn to lead a discussion, or work out the ideas for a picnic or party by yourself. You need club members thinking and acting together to get things done. That’s what a club meeting is all about: to learn, to make plans, and to have fun.

How much does it cost to be in 4-H?
Clubs and programs may charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of supplies, materials, or event fees. Collecting this fee must not be a barrier for membership enrollment. Individuals are responsible for the cost of their personal project expenses.

What are the club officers in a 4-H club and what do they do?
Good officers are enthusiastic, tactful, and friendly. They work to get each member of the club involved in plans and to give everyone a fair chance to participate. They accept and respect each member and encourage everyone to contribute to the club. See the For Youth tab to learn more about officer positions.

What does it take to become a 4-H Leader?
See the 4-H Information for Volunteer Leaders section for steps to becoming a leader.

How many members does 4-H have?
Approximately 7 million members across America. Here in Chelan and Douglas Counties, there are an average of over 400 members and 200 leaders actively engaged in clubs, special projects, after-school programs and military teen programming.

How many states have 4-H programs?
4-H can be found in all 50 states and the provinces of the United States. 4-H and 4-H related programs also exist in over 80 other countries around the world. Check out the National 4-H web site to learn about 4-H in other countries.

How is 4-H delivered?
For the most part, 4-H depends on parent/family members to serve as adult volunteers to mentor and guide youth in the 4-H experience. The have access to the other staff in the local Extension office as appropriate. and the “Guides” that are available for them to use are written by educational specialists from around the country. Learn more on the For Youth Tab.

What famous people have a 4-H background?
Faith Hill, Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, Pat Nixon, Jim Davis (the creator of Garfield), Al Gore, Dolly Parton, Johnny Carson, and Johnny Cash, just to name a few!

How is the organization funded?
The 4-H program is supported through both public and private funds at the county, state and national levels. The public funds that the 4-H program receives from the county, state, and the federal government provide the salary and support of personnel. These sources do not adequately support the educational programs and activities of the county program. Funds must be secured from private resources to augment the county 4-H educational programs and activities for youth.

Both Chelan and Douglas County 4-H Leader’s Council conduct fund raisers, organize 4-H promotional events, provide county-wide educational opportunities, and establish policies consistent with the 4-H mission.

National 4-H Council is the private, non-profit sector of 4-H at the national level, in partnership with USDA and the Extension system. The sources of revenue are varied. 25% of the revenue comes from corporate, federal, foundation, and individual gifts. 20% of the revenue comes from the National 4-H Supply Center. 53% of the revenue is generated from the National 4-H Youth Conference Center. Just 2% comes from investments or other income.

How can I support Chelan or Douglas County 4-H?
You can make a tax deductible donation to Chelan or Douglas County 4-H by clicking here.

Please consider Chelan-Douglas 4-H when making your will or deciding what you can do to make a lasting impact for the young people in our area.  The Washington State 4-H Foundation can help you with any legal considerations that may need to be addressed.