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Leader Information

Program Contact: Michelle Lain, 4-H Program Assistant
(509) 667-6540 •



October Archery Leaders’ Training

Important information

Leader of the Year Nomination Form: 4H Leader of the Year Nomination Form

Information about WSU’s Drug Free Workplace.  This extends to 4-H Volunteers.

Steps to take in the event of an active shooter situation by Department of Emergency Management and Chelan County.

Information on Talking to youth about violence, terrorism, and war

Information on Put the Child First.  All leaders are to do this.


Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment packets are mailed out to each existing club during October that are due to be completed and returned to the 4-H Office by December 15.  This packet will include everything that you need including instructions and checklist.

Use the Re-Enrollment packet to simplify your life!  It will have all of the forms that you need, placed in either the pocket for items that need to be turned in, or the pocket for your information.

Please gather everything for your club enrollment, including the Enrollment & Fees List, Enrollment fees and Parental Consent Forms and turn them in to the 4-H Office as a packet by December 15.  Soon after that, all who are not enrolled will stop receiving newsletters and notifications.

Request to Use the 4-H Name and Emblem 

Reporting Volunteer Hours


Frequently asked questions:

Record Books

1. If members may only be nominated for 4 project awards, does that count record book and general achievement as part of the 4?
a. No, 4 total nominations per youth, no matter which four are chosen.  I am referring to “Form 2” sent out in the end of year packets.  It is a white sheet for leaders to recommend youth for county awards.  General achievement is not part of the 4 nominations, it is additional.

2. On the record book scoring sheet, line 4 says add sheets, can these be added to the diary/journal/financial summaries?
a. Yes, if more room is needed please add additional sheets to the necessary areas.  This is the form titles record book judging score sheet 2008 version.

High Point
1. If a child is interested in doing high point in 2 different areas (example: rabbit and horse), do they need to do one demo at demo days to count for both areas of high point?
a. If a child is intending to do multiple high point sections, they must register as such when registering for the fair.  The demonstration score will come from demonstration days, and that score will transfer across high point sections registered for.  Youth may only win high point in one category.

1. Does the demo have to relate to my project or can it be on anything?
a. In the Chelan County 4-H Program Club and Member Policies, Section 7 Demonstrations, section 1A: Demonstrations must relate to a project area the member is carrying.  The four project areas for demonstrations are: Home Economics, Horse, Livestock, and General.

2. How long should my demo be?
a. In publication EM4787 the general rules are recommended:
i.      Primaries-Any length of time
ii.      Juniors-3-8 minutes
iii.      Intermediates-5-15 minutes
iv.      Seniors-8-20 minutes

3.       How many demonstrations do I have to give every year?
a.       In the Chelan County 4-H Program Club and Member Policies, Section 7 Demonstrations: Every member must give one demonstration at the club level.
b.      In the Chelan County 4-H Program Club and Member Policies, Section 7 Demonstrations: To qualify for county fair, state fair, county project awards, and county demonstration awards, members must give one demonstration at the County Demonstration Days.

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