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FISI Summer Immersion Institute

Program Contact: Ray Faini, Extension Faculty

COVID-19 ADVISORY: Feb 4, 2022

With the COVID mask and distancing mandates required for in-person learning, our instructors do not believe our curriculum can be delivered with the same high standards our students have come to expect from our program.  We regret that the Full Immersion Spanish Institute summer classes are cancelled for 2022; we will resume on a biennual (every other year) schedule, beginning June, 2023.  Class size will be limited to 25 students, so early registration will more important than ever.

Together the instructors have concluded that an immersion program with the social distancing and required disinfection regimes is not compatible with the way we carry out the FISI program.  We are unwilling to compromise the quality of the FISI program and currently don’t have a distance/digital curriculum that accomplishes the immersion effect of our course.

All fees that anyone has paid will be fully refunded.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this decision has caused and we hope you understand and share our concern for everyone’s health and safety.  If you have any questions or concerns about this decision, please email Ray Faini at Please note that registration links below have been disabled.

While the FISI program has adopted a biennual format, we WILL OFFER the FISI program next year.  Class will held from mid-June to mid-July, 2023, and reset our schedule to every other year from that point forward.

Thank you for your interest in, and support of the WSU Full Immersion Spanish Institute.  Please stay safe and healthy.


Ray Faini, Director of FISI

Rene Baca, Lead Instructor of FISI

Nan Cuevas, FISI Instructor of advanced students


Participation in this course will help you to:

  • Overcome Fears about second-language learning
  • Develop vocabulary appropriate to your work environment.
  • Earn up to 150 Clock hours or 15 CEU’s from WSU
  • Practice using the language in a supportive, friendly environment.
Summer, 2018 Class
  • Hear and listen to native speakers representing a range of dialects. During the noon hour, speakers from the area tell their story of coming to Wenatchee, their work and families, giving you an expanded understanding of the local Hispanic community.
  • Read authentic materials such as short stories, newspaper articles, Internet articles and magazines.
  • Spend time in conversation and role playing to ease your fear of speaking a new language.
  • Write letters and other correspondence materials for parents/caretakers.
  • Write original creative pieces including poetry, children’s stories and short essays.
  • Expand your awareness of the Spanish-speaking community.
  • Create materials that will be useful in your work or for personal use.

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  • 2018 Class Photos (Opens link in Dropbox)
  • 2017 Class Photos (opens a link in Dropbox)
  • 2016 Class Photos (opens a link in DropBox)
  • 2015 Class Photos (opens a link in Dropbox)
  • Photos from 2014 Class (opens a link in DropBox)
  • Photos from 2013 Class

Classes are held daily from 8:30am to 4:30pm, M-F, in Wenatchee, WA on the Campus of  Wenatchee Valley College.

Who Should Attend The Full Immersion Spanish Institute?



REGISTRATION PROCESS: Opens January 15, 2023. This process and costs will not change for 2023.
Please follow instructions for either A) or B) below.
A) Paying by check or Purchase Order:
  • 1. Complete the Registration Form You may be asked to “Enable some active content” – choose “Enable”, then print the form.
  • 2. Mail the form with your payment or agency Purchase Order number to: 2023 FISI, 400 Washington Street, Wenatchee, WA  98801.  Mail completed registration form plus a check for registration Deposit ($350), or for appropriate registration payment ($1,000 Early or $1,350 Late registration after May 22, 2023).
B)  Paying with Credit/Debit Card (2.5% fee added; $2 minimum) or E-Check                                                                 ($2 flat fee added):
  • 1. Complete the Registration Form (You may be asked to “Enable some active content” – choose “Enable”) and email to Ray Faini ( or snail mail to: 2023 FISI, 400 Washington Street, Wenatchee, WA  98801.  Then click on link below to enter payment information.
  • 2. Click HERE to make your payment online. (You will leave WSU Extension site and be redirected to our SECURE payment site.)

For assistance with housing or other questions, email to Ray Faini or phone 509-667-6540.


Teachers have to earn 150 clock hours every 5 years to keep their certificate up to date.  Teachers can use clock hours, quarter credits or semester credits to re-up their certificate every 5 years or use any combination of these three as long as it equals 150 clock hours.  Their school district HR person knows how to convert the credits & clock hours so they can make sure the teacher has the right number of hours.

45 clock hours = 1 semester credit, and vice versa. However, the clock hours are never converted to credits; they will always be clock hours.  The Full Immersion Spanish Institute summer program offers 150 clock hours.  150 clock hours = 3.33 semester credits, but they will not receive credits, they will receive clock hours.  After the program is completed, teachers will submit a form claiming their clock hours and send a fee to the clock hour registrar and he/she will record the hours in a database, sign and then send the clock hour form back to the teacher.  Teachers will then turn that clock hour form into their district where the hours will be recorded.  (Return to Top)

Continuing Education Units (CEU) may be offered for noncredit programs offered through Washington State University. CEUs are available only through the Division of Center for Distance & Professional Education (CDPE). One CEU represents ten contact hours (60 minutes per hour) of participation in an organized, noncredit continuing education experience with qualified instruction under WSU sponsorship and direction.

Once a class has been approved for a certain number of CEU’s, a class participant may not be awarded more than, or less than, the determined amount. If the student does not complete the requested number of approved hours, they have not satisfactorily completed the class and no CEU will be awarded. (Return to Top)