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Families & Parenting

Program Contact: Family & Human Development Extension Educator
(509) 667-6540

Families and Parenting Programs

Did you know . . . ?

Managing your own stress (Parental stress management) and relationships skills are among the top three of ten essential skills* in parenting.  Ironically, those same two areas and are often those in which parents score lower.  A study by Dr. Robert Epstein, psychologist, was mentioned in 2010 in Scientific American Mind, documents this.  More than 2000 people have taken the test online.  You can do the same yourself here.  If you find any results that cause you a bit of discomfort or unsettled feeling, don’t regret but instead seek resources such as those mentioned below to help build your own reserves.
Parenting and Family Education programs in Chelan and Douglas Counties include Strengthening Families Program 10-14 and Children Cope with Divorce.  Please explore these links for more information.

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