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Lawn Care

Central Washington’s  hot, arid climate impact lawn care.  For an optimal lawn, read about best practices in irrigation, mowing, fertilization, and seedling.

Seed a New Lawn in Central Washington

For best performance, seeding a new lawn in Central Washington  starts with the right season, the right variety of grasses, and soil preparation.

Seed in Spring or Fall

The best time of year to seed a new lawn in Central Washington is mid-August to mid-September, followed by April to May. These seasons are cooler so the seed bed is easier to keep moist for the germinating seed. In Central Washington, where irrigation water may be available, homeowners would time their planting to dates after water is turned on for the season, or before it is turned off in the Fall.

Choosing Seed

A blend of two varieties is recommended for Central Washington. The blends will vary depending on whether the lawn is in shade or sun.

For a lawn in a sunny area, we recommend a blend of about 80% Kentucky Blue and about 20% fine fescue. For our area, these varieties are recommended:

Kentucky Blue Creeping Red Fine Fescues
Eclipse- R
Glade- S
Majestic- – R
Midnight- R
Ram I- S
Sydsport- I
Victa- S

Resistance to necrotic ring spot
R= resistant
I= intermediate susceptibility
S= susceptible



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