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MG Favorite Vegetables

Chelan/Douglas Master Gardeners share their success reports, and when its something for our table, its a tasty find. Chelan Master Gardeners list some of their favorite vegetable varieties they grew in 2012. A plus + sign indicates more than one MG recommends the variety.

Vegetable Type Variety Source What’s So Great?
Bean bush Tender Pod plant at intervals for full season production. +
pole Blue Lake  +
pole Kentucky Wonder
pole Fortex long, stringless. +
Cabbage Red Acre beautiful and delicious. +
Cucumber slicer Lemon Various best peeled,
hard to determine when to harvest. +
slicer Straight Eight Various
Eggplant Japanese Fairy Tale mini-sized- 4-5″ long by 1″ wide
Garlic Chesnek Red
Spanish Red
Lettuce & Kale leaf lettuce Red Sails
leaf lettuce Deer Tongue
kale Red Russian
kale Lacinato
Onions white Copra good for storage
Pepper ancho Magnifico Territorial Seed  +
paprika Hungarian
hot Hot Thai
hot Sweet Heat mild hot. +
sweet Lipstick Territorial Seed
Squash & Zucchini butternut Waltham +
buttercup Very productive, drum-shaped, very tasty
pumpkin Sweetie Pie
zucchini Gold Rush yellow
Tomato slicer Early Girl Various short season, productive
slicer Big Momma 5″ long x 3 wide. meaty, few seeds. Fresh or cooked
slicer Bonnie Best medium size, canning, fresh
roma Ranger
heirloom Mortgage Lifter large, prolific
heirloom Stupice
cherry Gold Rush Territorial Seed bright apricot color, delicious
cherry Super Sweet 100 best of show, MG tomato tasting
mini-Plum Nugget Bright apricot, delicious
grape Iris Candy pear-shaped, prolific, sweet
Spinach Tyee
Herbs dill Fernleaf more leaves, compact
basil Summerlong small, compact, slow to bolt
cilantro Calypso