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Few trees are native to the Wenatchee Valley in Central Washington area and those we choose to plant face hot summer temperatures and arid conditions. Trees are an asset to our landscapes and home values, and usually increase in value over time. It is worth the homeowner’s time to research options and select a tree for its tolerance for our weather and the eventual height and placement in our landscapes.  We call it, “Right plant, right place.”

It also is wise to take time to plant this asset properly so it will appreciate in value for our landscape. Here are links that help us identify which tree to plant, how to plant it, and how to prune it.

Which Tree to Plant

Trees for North Central Washington – a list from WSU Chelan  Extension Urban Horticulturist
Small Trees for the Home Landscape – from WSU Extension
 – find the right tree- at Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute
Native and Drought Tolerant Plants – in Spokane, Washington, from WSU
Oregon State University – Photos and information on landscape plants.

Trees – photos and general information of many species
Selecting Trees database – University of Illinois
Select Trees by water needs and soil pH – Cornell University

Planting Trees

Planting bare root – from Cornell University
Planting balled and burlapped and Disturb those roots – from Washington State University
Plant with flare – planting depth is critical
A Practitioner’s Guide to Stem Girdling Roots of Trees – prevent stem girdling when planting a tree

Pruning Trees

Pruning trees – Urban Tree Foundation describes how to prune established trees, train young ones

Tree Care

Trees are Good – by the International Society of Arboriculture
What’s Wrong with This Tree?
Stem Girdling Roots – information by the Chelan/Douglas Master Gardeners



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