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Agents of Discovery

Program Contact: Program Contact: Family & Human Development Extension Educator
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Agents of Discovery in Central Washington

AoD Come Explore Poster
Download the free app and scan the images related to 4-H Missions.

Step 1: Download the FREE Agents of Discovery app. Open the app and select ” Missions”.

Step 2: Open any of the 4-H Missions and tap on the “Challenges” Icon

Horan Natural Area
Agents of Discovery MIssion in Central Washington
Agents of Discovery technologies provide COVID-Response activities for our communities to engage in the outdoors.

Download the app and start experiencing a healthy opportunity to normalize life during quarantine and life after COVID.

AoD missions are built with Challenges, marked by GPS. Content guides Interpretation of place-based education and k-12 school standard  through two arrays:

1.  Scan 4-H IR Triggers For playing 4-H Missions from anywhere.

2. Downloadable Missions containing engaging activities that can be accessed from home, designated mission sites and without cell phone service.

Each season there is a designated Mission site with content related to the seasonal phenomena and land manager inputs.

Asynchronous opportunities allow users to experience challenges at their own pace through augmented reality games and/or visiting the environmental learning site.

Experiencing AoD Missions and completing all the Challenges are up to you. If you do complete any of the 4-H AoD Missions, you can earn SWAG and entered to win in our community-sponsored prizes. Prizes and/or SWAG are rewarded to users who finish missions or complete regional campaigns. Remember- You can access all AoD Missions from home or at their relative locations.

Missions do not need to be completed all at once. If you choose to complete all the challenges in a mission, you will want to notify your local 4-H office of that completion by sending a screenshot of the mission complete screen or be logged in so that your account does the notification for you.

This Spring’s 4-H Missions are patched together into a Central Washington Campaign on the Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail
Get driving directions here.[/textblock]