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Heritage Trees of Clark County

Master Gardener Program
Erika Johnson, Program Coordinator
(564) 397-5738

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Map of Clark County Heritage Trees
Catalog of Clark County Heritage Trees
Other Local Heritage Tree Programs


Trees are important landscape features whether in the home garden, in community parks and open spaces, or on the grounds of historic or public buildings. Often long-lived and large in size, trees may serve as living markers of times gone by or notable places. They may be associated with historic persons or events, or they may be unusual by their presence in this part of the world.

The WSU Extension Clark County Master Gardener program maintains a list of trees of significance in unincorporated Clark County through its Heritage Tree Program.

How to Nominate a Tree

If you have or know of a special tree or a grove of trees that might be considered for Heritage Tree status, please review the program criteria listed below and contact the WSU Extension Clark County Master Gardener Program at  564-397-5738, or submit a Heritage Tree Nomination form to or in person at the Clark County Extension Office Master Gardener Program; 1919 NE 78th St., Vancouver, WA 98665.

Nomination Criteria

Heritage Tree status may be granted to a tree or a collection of trees if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Exceptional or unusual size, form, or rarity
  • Significant age
  • Association with a significant landmark, person, event or natural resource
  • Is considered a local landmark, visually accessible to public viewing
  • Arrangement as a collection, such as a notable grove, avenue, or planting

Nominees must:

  • Be in good condition as evaluated by the Heritage Tree committee. The evaluation may include input by professional tree experts.
  • Have written consent of the property owner. Consent is non-binding and participation is strictly voluntary. Participation may be revoked at any time by the property owner. There is no legal relationship governing participation.

Nominations are currently reviewed semi-annually:

  • Nomination deadlines  — October 31 & April 30

Once a nomination is received and the nomination deadline met, a designated group of volunteers will visit the tree to determine its qualification for the program. The visit will be scheduled in advance with the property owner.

A decision will be made by the committee and the property owner will be notified. The tree(s) will be added to the list and featured on the program’s website. A certificate of recognition with be provided to the property owner.

Download Nomination Form

Download a Heritage Tree Nomination form and send to or deliver in person to the Clark County Extension Office.

Click to view map of Clark County Heritage Trees

Catalog of Clark County Heritage Trees

Black Walnut – HT1

Giant Sequoia – HT2

White Walnut – HT3

Douglas Fir Grove – HT4

Black Walnut – HT5

Deodar Cedar – HT6

European Beech – HT7

Oregon White Oak — Garry Oak – HT8

Parker’s Landing Historical Park Grove – HT9

Oregon White Oak — Garry Oak – H10

Bigleaf Maple — HT11

Tulip Poplar — HT12

Other Local Heritage Tree Programs

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City of Vancouver Heritage Tree Program
City of Portland Heritage Tree Program

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WSU Clark County Master Gardener Program
1919 NE 78th Street • Vancouver, WA 98665
(564) 397-5738

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