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The Mountains are Calling- Mountaineering camp 

Have you ever looked at the mountains surrounding you, and thought “I wonder what’s up there?” If so, this is the week for you! Participants will learn basic mountain-climbing skills, such as orienteering, scrambling, and wilderness navigation. We will focus on preparing participants to test their skills on an overnight trip 

Challenge Level: 5/5 

Day 1: Welcome, Intro to skills (packs, hiking, overview) 

Day 2Wilderness skills: Tents, Nav, 10 essentials 

Day 3Leave for Overnight 

Day 4: Overnight (summit day) 

Day 5: Overnight (return) 


H2O-Yeah! – Aquatic Camp 

Want to escape the summer heat? Have you ever looked at a river and instead seen an amusement park ride? If that’s you, check out our summer paddling camp where participants will not only get to play in North Central Washington’s spectacular rivers, but also learn how to pilot a craft, pick a route down a river, and rescue a companion craft.  

Challenge Level: 2/5 

Day 1: Sit-on-top Kayaking @ Confluence Park 

Day 2: Sit-on-top Kayaking- Blackbird Island run  

Day 3Canoeing- Basics on Columbia River 

Day 4: Canoeing- Cashmere to Confluence 

Day 5: Whitewater w/ Guide Service 


Climbing ROCKS!!!– Climbing Camp  

Did you know climbers from all over the world come to North Central Washington for our excellent, vertical rocks? This week will be dedicated to exploring your physical and mental strength, and the many wonderful rocks of our region! 

Challenge Level- 3/5 

Day 1: Belay School @ Challenge Course  

Day 2: Intro to Climbing/Skills- @ Rock Gym 

Day 3: Outdoor Climb Day 

Day 4: Outdoor Climb Day 

Day 5: Outdoor Climb Day/Rappels 



This camp is for exploring the natural world you’re a part of! We will be going on an overnight trip with the Forest Service to help them maintain our public lands. 

Challenge Level- 4/5 

Day 1: Welcome/Ropes Course/Get to know you 

Day 2: Prep for Overnight: Gear, food, tents 

Day 3: Overnight 1 

Day 4: Overnight 2 (Service Day) 

Day 5: Overnight 3  


You’re a Leader!- Leadership Camp 

Day 1: Portable Challenge @ WSU Ext 

Day 2: Low Ropes 1 

Day 3: Low Ropes 2 

Day 4: High Ropes 

Day 5: Student-facilitated activities 

NOTE: You will be notified before each adventure of the rendezvous point prior to departure. Transportation to that point will be the responsibility of the participant.

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Trip Details:


North Cascades, WA – Wilderness Backpacking:

P1010435 (Medium)Get out and explore the natural wonders of the wilderness areas here in the Cascade Mountain Range by trail and foot! While on this trip you will learn how to cook in the backcountry, care for yourself and the group while in the field for 5 days, and how to use a map.

This trip is an amazing opportunity to get out into the world and see the natural beauty that awaits you! As we learn about the wilderness area we travel through, we will do some service and talk about what stewardship looks like. There are many peaks to view, lakes to hike next to, and streams to cross.

We will meet in Leavenworth to pack gear and food, and we will make sure all participants have proper gear and clothing. We do have equipment if you do not own all items. We will then drive tot he trailhead where we will start our adventure and get to know our awesome group of teens! You will be carrying your own backpack with all the gear and food you will need for the week. We will set off on this grand adventure, into the wilderness.

NOTE: All 4-H programs and activities are Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Free events. Failure to comply may result in termination of event or removal of the individual from the activity and notification of parents and appropriate authorities.

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