Horticulture Professionals

Program Contact: Sharon Collman, Educator
(425) 357-6025 • collmans@wsu.edu

As Snohomish County has become less agricultural and more urban, the focus of the local WSU Extension horticulture program has been on serving gardeners, not horticultural professionals, but we now have a horticulture agent to do educational programming for growers of row crops, nursery crop producers, park and commercial landscapers and maintenance personnel.

Sharon Collman, 425-357-6025, will take commercial calls and walk-ins. Sharon will try to solve problems or direct you to other resources. She or Dave Pehling, an expert diagnostician, can often do plant disease, insect, weed and plant identification and save you the delay and fee associated with sending a specimen to the WSU Puyallup Lab. University regulations do not allow Master Gardeners to handle commercial questions, other than to take down information, so please identify yourself as a horticultural professional.

Horticultural Professional Training

Offered to a limited number of applicants once a year in conjunction with the annual Master Gardener Training, which is held once a week Thursday daytimes January through March. Training is the same as the Master Gardeners receive but without a volunteer commitment, so tuition is $775. Full-Tuitions Applications for the 2018 training class will be available in August.

Private Pesticide Applicator License

Information about pesticide applicator licensing is available from the Washington State Department of Agriculture web site here. For your convenience, study materials may be purchased at our office and some exams are given at our office. For more information on scheduling exams visit here. To schedule an exam, call 1-877-302-4555.

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